Comming up: Java 8 meetup

While Java 8 is already available for 1½ years now, a lot of Java Devs are still working on projects built on older Java versions. At my company, I had the change to gain a lot of hands on experience with Java 8 in real life projects. My colleague Marc and I want to share our experiences with our fellow Java devs, so we organize a Java 8 meetup on October 20th, at our company’s headquarters. Continue reading

Shell fu: find files with long names

I was moving a very large set of files from Dropbox to my new NAS device. Since I used encryption on the NAS, there was a restriction to the length of the file names on the NAS. File names couldn’t be longer than 45 characters. I wasn’t aware that I had files with longer names, but the copy to the NAS failed, so I apparently had. Now I had to find out which files! Continue reading

Migrating JodaTime to java.time

Java Time!Recently, I migrated a project from JodaTime to the classes from the java.time package, which are added since Java 8 (JSR 310). While the JSR 310 API is inspired by JodaTime, it is certainly not the same. So a migration is necessary. This article describes my experience in migrating one project. It certainly doesn’t cover every possible scenario, but you might find my experiences useful.  Continue reading

Devoxx 2013: Functional programming becoming mainstream

I was at the Devoxx-conference last week and the main conclusion for me is that functional programming is finally becoming mainstream. One of the main reasons for this is obviously Oracle finally (and long overdue) delivering project Lambda (JSR 335) in Java 8 next spring. Venkat Subramaniam of Agile Developer did an excellent, inspiring talk full of jokes on the use of Lambdas in Java. Continue reading

Weird shell script problem + solution

Yesterday, I installed a fresh Java EE application server to run a test on an application I was working on. The installation of the application server was as simple as unzipping a distribution archive. As with most application servers, the server could be started by running a shell script from the command line. This was all familiar to me, as I already had another instance of the same server installed on my MacBook. However, when I tried to run the script, I got surprised by an error message: Continue reading

Developing Java Software on a Mac: version control clients

In previous installments of this series, I’ve covered text editing, file management, command line and copy & paste. This time, I will tell you my experiences with version control clients. Fortunately, there’s quite a selection of good clients available for the Mac. Of course, every VCS has a decent command line client for the Mac, but there are some polished graphical tools as well. The only thing that I haven’t found (yet), is a client that integrates with the Mac OS Finder, comparable to what the TortoiseSVN client does with Windows Explorer. Continue reading